Alesi Mattress

Alesi Antique Mattress is owned and operated by

Joe and Rita Alesi. We specialize in a CUSTOM SIZE MATTRESS, custom boxspring, and custom foundation for an Antique Bed. Antique Mattress is a factory direct manufacturer (which means we [Joe and Rita] build the custom size mattress ourselves in our own shop) for a special mattress, standard size mattress or mattress set.

Marine Mattress

Mattresses for all forms of beds are Manufactured in our family-operated shop in San Leon, Texas. We also provide mattresses for standard or odd size beds as well as mattress pads to lay over your original mattress instead of replacing it.

Joe has been handcrafting mattresses for over 57 years and Rita has been handcrafting for over 26 years.


We strongly suggest that no one ever alter an antique bed to fit standard bedding on it. It was made to have a custom mattress on it somehow. Price wise - it is no more expensive to have a mattress made. And of course all work is guaranteed. Our fit is perfect! We do not renovate existing mattresses as it is not cost effective to our customers.